Business Colleges, ESL, Private and High Schools & Training Centres

With proven strengths and expertise in Assembly Interior Design, we have been sought out by many of the leading Commercial Leasing Agents to help them with their ESL Schools, Business Colleges and Computer Training Centres. Counterpoint Interiors is the leader in getting an Assembly Project through the City Permit process and are know for our strong understanding of:

  • Building Trigger - Upgrades
  • Code Consultancy and Fire Ratings
  • Exiting, Access and Load Calculations
  • Building Systems, HVAC and Power

these are a cross section of the different
types of business colleges


  • English First Institute (EFI)
  • Langara College (first off-campus Acupuncture College)
  • Dorset College
  • Pattison College
  • CSLI Homestay
  • CSLI Dorms (addition of a Dormitory to CSLI ESL College)
  • Academy of Learning & Granville Business College
  • Marvel College (Canada’s largest Hair Dressing College)
  • Pacific Gateway International College
  • Academy of Learning
  • Burnaby College
  • The YMCA (opened its first offsite Campus College)
  • Kaplan College
  • Pitman Business College
  • Aspect College (from San Francisco)
  • International Traditional Chinese Medicine (Canada’s largest Acupuncture College)
  • Rainbow College
  • Tamwood College
  • Open Learning Agency
  • Mulgrave School