floatation rooms

flotation therapy drops you into a Theta (meditation) state that can last for daysFloatation Therapy is probably the most relaxing, stress relieving and rejuvenating therapy there is. A spa for the mind as some people would put it, and for the last twenty years floatation therapy has been booming throughout Europe and other parts of the world. It is now gaining popularity in Vancouver and throughout the lower mainland. The health benefits experienced by floating are numerous both physically and mentally. Physically, floating in a gravity free state induces profound muscular relaxation. Floating causes the body to rapidly rid itself of the waste products produced by exertion such as lactic acids and thus enhances recovery from physical stress. It also aids protein synthesis in the body thus increases muscle repair and growth. Mentally, floating eliminates external distractions allowing the floater to drop into a Theta (meditation) state that can last for days.

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