Realtor/Building Owner Benefits

Counterpoint is a speciality practice, with a team of Designers, Architects, and Engineers that are keenly aware of the special considerations unique to Realtors and/or Building Owners, both in Sales and Leasing. Our 25 years of experience in designing efficient, cost-effective, high quality commercial environments has greatly benefited our Realtors and/or Building Owners and their clients.

We understand the need to close the deal and offer a quick reaction to the needs of Realtors and/or Building Owners. Our goal is to be on site right away, complete the measurements, devise a Space Plan and calculate the proposed costs within the days of the Subject closing.
We know what works and Realtors and/or Building Owners benefit from our experience in creating environments for their tenants. We allocate the dollars where they count and stretch the TI dollar; “do more for less.”
We are the leader when it comes to working with the City Permit departments. Our Team includes Code Consultants, experts that have solved major challenges with the various Cities in the Lower Mainland and we have teamed up with Chercover Massie for over 20 years.
We listen intently to understand how we can best help with the changes required. Understanding and being sensitive to each tenants needs helps us create commercial-oriented environments that are successful. Our focus is always on spacial traffic flows, inter-department challenges, sound acoustics, line of sight privacy and cater to all special client needs.
We insure that your tenant’s expectations that you described to them at the Leasing discussions will be met. Your tenant’s workspace will benefit directly from Counterpoint’s experience with quality commercial environments, by design.
We always have the Realtor’s and/or Building Owner’s interest in mind and will do what it takes to make sure that every project meets expectations. You have our word on that!!
Counterpoint Interiors